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In this section, you can find the publications, articles and editorials which have quoted us.


Our "Price and info list" is a fundamental tool to draw on information about our beloved at home dermocosmetics.

Easy to read, it offers detailed information on all substances that characterise the various lines, the profile, the signs and the price.


Within JMF centres you will find products and qualified and specialised in the care of the body-face able to give valuable advice to improve their mental and physical aspect. Through specific treatments, advanced technologies and professionalism, you will be able to fight the imperfections caused by ageing skin.


A reliable, safe line used by experienced and trained hands to guarantee success and satisfaction for all problems competent beauticians are constantly facing.

JMF's anti-ageing lines zero in on results by using high percentages of active ingredients. Results recognised by satisfied Beauticians and by users returning to the Institute. Substances with proven effectiveness and technological systems such as Airless containers, to maintain the functionality of the products.
Fluids for the face


eye contour and lip fluid
30ml Bottle

Especially for a woman, the eye contour and lips are very sensitive areas from all perspectives: they are the first areas to show the signs of ageing and should be treated with special care and attention. EYES.LIPS Fluid is a treatment designed precisely to rejuvenate the skin around the eye contour, making it more compact and luminous and to give the lip contour a healthier and more toned appearance. The decontracting action at the level of the muscles favours a net reduction of annoying and unsightly deeper wrinkles and the disappearance of lighter and smaller lines. Smile serenely: your eyes and lips will no longer reveal your age.



face fluid for oily skin
30ml Bottle

Those with naturally oily skin know that the facial skin is often shiny and easily irritated. The constant use of MAT Fluid effectively resolves these annoying imperfections by adjusting the secretion of sebum. Thus you will discover the pleasure of hydrated and "dry" skin and avoid masking the shiniest areas of the face with makeup with all the benefits of a skin that breathes and does not become irritated. In addition, the antibacterial action of the azeloglicine is a real remedy in the treatment of acne-prone skin. Oily skin is no longer an obstacle for beauty.


facial fluid for normalising pigmentation
30ml Bottle

Skin spots are an annoying sign of ageing and excessive tanning. SPOT Fluid has been formulated for this specific problem. Not only does it lighten the spots but it also normalises the production of melanin. This, coupled with the gentle but effective exfoliating effect of aha, ensures an excellent result. The skin on your face will have a uniform colour and a brighter and smoother appearance.


inhibits the activity of the enzyme primarily responsible for hyper pigmentation by regulating the production of melanin.


interacts on the production process of melanin and possesses an antioxidant that counteracts the onset of inflammatory phenomena.


Alpha-hydroxyacid (aha) which is involved in several processes of cellular metabolism and reduces the cohesion between the corneocytes resulting in making skin more elastic and facilitating the action of the pha.


alpha and beta-hydroxy acids for a synergistic stimulation of cell renewal..


Azeloglicine® (derived from azelaic acid) can be used for sebum regulating, bleaching, moisturising-elasticising; it is indicated for products for oily, seborrheic, impure, dehydrated skin or skin with melanic spots.


extract from Chamomile Recutita flowers. It has soothing, refreshing, emollient and anti-reddening properties. Its use is indicated for sensitive skin, with rosacea and acne sequelae.


represents one of the fundamental constituents of the cellular membranes to which it gives the appropriate fluidity, thus favouring the osmotic mechanisms of exchange with the exterior. It is produced in a sequence known as internal biosynthesis but, even if administered externally, it is able to penetrate through the outer layers of the epidermis to reach the dermis fibres. This happens for two reasons: because of its molecular structure it is not held back by the corneous layer. Phospholipid globular aggregates are used in cosmetics for the purpose of conveying the active components of the barrier layer (the famous liposomes); by virtue of its chemical affinity with the intercellular lipids it can penetrate into the fibres of the dermis and link to the cellular membrane, thus mimicking the presence of the endogenously produced phospholipids. It executes a supportive action in favour of cell turnover which is undertaken through two basic biochemical ways.
poly-hydroxy acids highly hygroscopic, so moisturisers with antioxidants powers and properties that stimulate cell renewal.


organic substance which is widespread in nature: in olive oil, peanuts, rice bran, amaranth seeds and wheat germ. In the human body squalene is one of the most important constituents of sebum, whose function is to protect the skin from "attacks" of various kinds (detergents, chemical products, microorganisms, solar radiation etc.). As the years go by, sebum production of the skin is reduced. The use of topical preparations based on squalene helps moderate signs of ageing. Squalene helps to alleviate the signs of ageing. Squalene also boasts a precious emollient and nourishing actions, helping to prevent wrinkles and dry skin.

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