Logo Jms Cosmetics
Logo Jms Cosmetics
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To contact us send an email to info@jmf-cosmetics.it or fill out the form below. You can also directly call the phone number +39 0331 376 517. .

We are available to provide any information and answer any request


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In this section, you can find the publications, articles and editorials which have quoted us.


Our "Price and info list" is a fundamental tool to draw on information about our beloved at home dermocosmetics.

Easy to read, it offers detailed information on all substances that characterise the various lines, the profile, the signs and the price.


Within JMF centres you will find products and qualified and specialised in the care of the body-face able to give valuable advice to improve their mental and physical aspect. Through specific treatments, advanced technologies and professionalism, you will be able to fight the imperfections caused by ageing skin.


A reliable, safe line used by experienced and trained hands to guarantee success and satisfaction for all problems competent beauticians are constantly facing.

Logo Jms Cosmetics

Look beyond

JMF was created from the idea of producing Products and Services united by three basic features: real usefulness, simplicity and high quality: REAL USEFULNESS in the Institute thanks to product effectiveness; SIMPLICITY of use to facilitate the work of Customers and Professionals; HIGH QUALITY of every element, leaving nothing to chance, from formulations to advertising communications. These three characteristics differentiate JMF from other brands because WOMEN really are at the centre.
The JMF philosophy
Giulio Lorenzetti Founder and creator of the JMF BEAUTY PROGRESS brand, he was born and lived in the World of Beaty thanks his mother and her prestigious Institute in Gallarate. He attended the Beauty Centre of Milan and then the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute in Milan. Essentially, a life lived in the World of Professional Beauty. Giulio is one of you and that is why he wanted to pour his more than 30 years of experience and his grand desire to give the world of professional beauty something authentically new, high quality and prestigious into JMF.
Giulio Lorenzetti - JMF Beauty Progress
The JMF Philosophy
WOMEN are at the centre of our thoughts in the JMF Philosophy. Women are our mission: without any gimmicks. Women Beauticians with their requirements and Female Final Clients with their expectations of elevated quality and clear results. Embracing the JFM Philosophy means entering a world that DIFFERENTIATES. That which may seem magical, is actually possible without potions or false promises. Just believe! ...and find out what JMF has in store for YOU!

The Brand

Jms Cosmetics Logo
There is a clear and natural philosophy that accompanies the JMF Brand 
1 - inner search for youth 
2 - the fascinating power excellence 
3 - constructive welfare of abundance 
4 - the profound taste of success

The Artisanal laboratory

For JMF, production rhymes with passion. That is why we decided to invest in our vey own Artisanal Laboratory rather than rely on external contractors. Here JMF dermocosmetics are created, taking advantage of the thirty years of experience, gaining competent counsel, and listening to requests received by Professionals like you. JMF products are full of Heart; a Big Heart, the best technology and cosmetic science. All contained within for a "piece by piece" treatment.

An obsession

JMF provides training on several fronts: 
TECHNICAL, to make the most of the treatments, effectively using the products, obtaining results that meet expectations. 
ENTREPRENEURIAL to manage the institute profitability and monitoring trends. 
COMMUNICATION, to understand the true needs of the customers, imparting onto them your capacity in proposing professional and at home treatments.
Working areaProfitability
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